Prince is starting a new era in Squash with a fresh new look, new franchises and improved racquet construction reinforced with TeXtreme X Twaron. Improved strength and superior playability combined with eye catching cosmetics are designed to help Prince re-establish it's place as the leader in squash. Layup designs have been improved with extra material added and new more durable resin system for better impact resistance. Twaron in upper hoop to help fracture resistance. Improved hoop strength and head crunch, doubled standards for impact strength requirements. Racquets have been designed to have more head light balances than previous Prince models to have better pickup feel. Recorded specs will reflect the "frame weight" rather than the true engineering weight to be in line with competition. Pro and Team models for each franchise will have the same weight and balance for recorded specs with the difference in the models being the inclusion of TeXtreme X Twaron material.

Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 130g
  • Balance: 335mm
  • Material: TeXtreme® Graphite x Twaron® Aramid Fibers
  • String Pattern: 14x15
  • Head Size: 75in²
  • Technologies: Air Handle, Power Bite and Power Ring
  • Power Level: 750
  • Engineering Code: SC62E
  • Item #: 7S615995

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