The Oversize racquet you didn't know you needed, until now. The Prince Phantom 107G tennis racquet has comfort and power despite its classic player's frame profile. At its core, this graphite racquet features TeXtreme X, a combination of TeXtreme and Twaron to provide a stable and dampened response without losing feel and connection to the ball. For improved stability in the racquet hoop, Prince has adapted its technology to place more TeXtreme and Twaron in the racquet hoop at 2 and 10 o'clock. This Anti-Torque System is perfect for imposing more power on your shots and stability to absorb heavy hitters. The thin Constant Taper Beam (CTS) is extremely responsive for players that want to maintain a traditional feel while taking every advantage of a softer frame.

The Phantom 107G also re-introduces a classic Prince technology, the Cross Bar. The bar inserted in the racquet throat delivers exceptional stability and torsional stability to the frame. The oversize racquet head is forgiving and powerful while the thin frame design is responsive and comfortable on the arm. at 7 points headlight, the racquet head is easy to maneuver from all areas of the court and comes through contact cleanly. The 16x19 string pattern is controlled to counter the power potential that this racquet delivers and is also open for players that want easier access to spin. Overall, the Prince Phantom 107G tennis racquet has a lot of power for a thin player's style frame and a soft arm-friendly feel that is perfect for a wide range of players that want some classic Prince playability for the modern game.

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