This squash racquet combines power and comfort into a frame designed for advanced players. Frame durability and stiffness is improved with the inclusion of Power Ring - the inverted 'ring' in the throat of the frame which allows the string bed to pack a punch. Power is further amplified with the re-engineered open string pattern (Power Bite) which results in more 'bite' on the ball. The racket maintains a great level of comfort thanks to the Air Quadrants in the handle which dampen vibrations when striking the ball and prevent them reaching your arm.

Technical Specs:

    • Weight: 130g
    • Balance: 335mm
    • Material: High Modules Graphite
    • String Pattern: 14x15
    • Head Size: 75in²
    • Technologies: Air Handle, Power Bite and Power Ring
    • Power Level: 700
    • Engineering Code: SC62F
    • Item #: 7S616995

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