ATS Textreme Tour 100 290g

The Textreme Tour 100 290G updates the Tour 100T with better feel and a slightly more stable response. At just under 11 ounces strung, the Tour 100 290G is weighted for intermediate players. It should also work for the advanced player who is looking to pick up some extra speed without having to trade away too much stability. Like other members of the Tour family, this racquet has enough control to inspire confidence on full swings. There's also plenty of spin-potential thanks to the 16x18 string pattern. This update benefits from from Textreme X, which adds Twaron to the original Textreme formula in order to enhance dampening and optimize the response. From the baseline the Tour 100 290g swings a tad easier than the heavier 310 version, but it still packs enough mass in the head to redirect higher levels of pace or drive the ball through the court. Factor in the spin-friendly string pattern and you have a racquet that enables intermediates to hit a heavy ball. At net, this racquet comes around with decent speed on reaction volleys, and it offers good stability for its weight class. On serve, you'll find enough spin and precision to swing for power. 

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