ATS Textreme Tour 100 310g

The Prince Tour 100 310g brings plenty of spin and control to the court. As a member of the Prince Tour franchise, this racquet was developed to bring easy control and excellent spin potential. The Tour 100 310g has a 16x18 string pattern that can easily add spin to your shots while also controlling the ball as you hit sharp angles. The racquet has a combination of TeXtreme and Twaron that combine to deliver a responsive and stable feel. TeXtreme is made of a spread tow structure to make straighter fibers for optimal strength. Twaron Filaments provide extra vibration dampening for added comfort and a dampened feel that helps to make off-center shots feel stable and powerful. The Prince Tour 100 310g brings easy spin and plenty of control to put depth and deception on your shots. Maneuverable at net, this racquet can also absorb heavy shots making it a very versatile racquet.

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