ATS Textreme Tour 100P

Controlled and delivering a solid feel, the Prince Tour 100P is a controlled racquet that brings spin to the game. This frame is a great option for players that like to take big cuts at the ball. The drilling on this 18x20 racquet plays open so that players with good technique can easily add spin to their shots and have them dip back into the court. Ground strokes off of both wings played with plenty of depth but this frame had noticeable spin and directional control on serve. TeXtreme and Twaron are combined to deliver the same responsive and stable feel as the previous version but now with a more comfortable and dampened feel at impact. Easy to swing from both the baseline and at net thanks to the head light balance, this racquet still stands up to heavy shots at net so you can put volleys away. While not as powerful due to the tighter string pattern than other Prince Tour racquets but in the right hands can put plenty of depth on shots.

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