Twistpower X100


Introducing the Prince Twistpower X100, a light and speedy player's racquet that rewards full swings with a great combination of spin, power and precision. At 10.8 ounces strung, the Twistpower is weighted for intermediates, but it also has enough stability to tempt the savvy veteran who is in the market for explosive speed. Unlike many of its competitors in the sub 11 ounce weight class, the Twistpower X100 has uniquely good feel and pocketing.

The great feel comes in part from a twisted shaft design which helps the racquet bend optimally at impact. On groundstrokes the Twistpower moves through contact with remarkable ease, making it great for whipping up power or cranking winners on the run.

Control is excellent thanks in part to its 16x18 string pattern, which delivers the kind of spin-potential that brings the ball down hard. At net the Twistpower delivers impressive touch for a light racquet, and the raw speed makes it perfect for reaction volleys or springing into action when opportunity knocks. This stick also shines on serve where it explodes powerfully through contact to deliver juicy levels of spin and slices that curve hard.

Ultimately, the Prince Twistpower X100 is an impressive addition to the Prince racquet line-up. The combination of speed, spin, power and precision makes this an obvious choice for any intermediate player who is looking for a user-friendly modern player's racquet.

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